Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

(Photo stolen from this site)

Warning: this post contains large amounts of "feeling sorry for myself"…but I am okay with that. Because after you read it? You are gonna feel sorry for me too. I am pathetic.

Today is my birthday, and it has shown me I am nothing to celebrate.

The Husband never makes a big deal out of birthdays (or holidays or anniversaries or ANYTHING) so I wasn’t expecting much from him. But I got even less. I got a "Happy Birthday" when I woke up and was stumbling half asleep as I brushed my teeth. And that WAS IT. No card. No flowers. No NOTHING. And you know what? I don’t even have the energy to say anything to him. Because he doesn’t get it. All he would do is run out to Tiffany’s and buy some insane gift and try to make up for being an ass….and it wouldn’t help at all. All I wanted was a card. Just a frickin' $3.00 Hallmark card. Guess he was too busy ALL FRICKIN' YEAR. Guess my kids were too busy too -- they didn’t even say anything to me before school.

I mention this on Twitter this morning. And because I am "the funny one" people think I am kidding. Yeah well I am not laughing. 

And since I have no real friends…(Ironically. Only fans apparently. Which is far from the same thing) no one called to take me to coffee, no one dropped off a card, no one asked if I had plans today and no one planned a party to celebrate me. No one. No one even called. Oh, except my mom. She remembered. Which makes sense since she was there at my birth. She then said -- to fulfill her motherly obligation, "Well, we could go to dinner tonight if you want."  Since I had been crying nearly all day -- I just told her, “Oh I am way too busy. But thanks anyway.” 

I spend all year taking people to lunch for their birthdays, or dropping off thoughtful gifts on porches for their birthdays, or helping husbands plan elaborate dinner parties for their wives' birthdays, or attending impromptu surprise bar gatherings for other peoples' birthdays.

Is it any surprise I am devastated to know that after 39 years on earth no one wants to celebrate me at all?

What the hell is wrong with me?

The only people who care are a friend in Atlanta and one in Northern California (no where near me)….fellow bloggers. So I guess I am better in print. Or as they say "I must make a better friend on paper than in real life."  Oh they don’t say that? Well -- they should.

I have this urge to just tell everyone I know -- all the people who I work SO HARD all year long to keep as "friends" to F-off.

I think I am done. 

No more effort-making, keeping and maintaining friendships.

It is all a big waste of time and energy.

Energy I can put towards my new hobby of competitive wine drinking.


foolery said...

Well, if *I* knew you, Birthday Bashed, I would take you out for a bottle of wine and we'd celebrate, commiserate, bitch and moan -- whatever. Next year. Shall we plan it? HAVE A MUCH BETTER DAY TOMORROW!

-- Laurie

Bejewell said...

This post makes me sad, mostly because I don't know you and therefore did not have the opportunity to take you out for lunch myself. I LOVE birthday lunches!! They often include alcohol!

Maybe next year? Seriously. If you're anywhere near ATX, look me up. We'll make a date. We'll call it the "Celebrating this year because last year I was just WAY TOO BAD ASS to celebrate"lunch.

Kyddryn said...

Oh, sugar - I'm so sorry...a belated happy birthday, whoever you are.

I've been there...wrapped my own gift, thrown my own party...and I gave up on it, finally. I got tired of being the only one who cared I'd been born. I don't even tell anyone when my birthday is, any more. Why bother?

Thoughtlessness hurts...

And it's OK to express your hurt that the effort you put into other's happiness and well being isn't reciprocal. Better to vent it than let it turn into an ulcer.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who wishes you a very merry unbirthday today, as well!!)

Anonymous said...

Since I missed your birthday, wanna come celebrate mine? ....that way we can both wear our birthday suits!;)

(Single Male Blog Stalker)