Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're An Arse And My Dog Thinks So, Too

(Original photo stolen from these guys)

by Rick's Cafe

Hey Bartender, gotta question for you:

The nearest thing I have to a son-in-law told me that the business I'm in is evil. I hope that's not what he meant. I would like to think what he meant was that insurance, at times, can be frustrating, complicated and occasionally disappointing in it's inability to communicate in a complete, informative manner.

My thought is; If one is to say Mike Myers playing Dr.Evil is evil, then what are you going to call the character Mike Myers in the movie Halloween? The latter is evil, the former has idiosyncrasies.

So how do I tell this dweeb that he's an arse who needs to expand his vocabulary and quit over-stating his thoughts?

Did I mention, my dog doesn't like this boy either?


Rick's Cafe


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Dear Rick's Cafe,

Evil is in the eye of the beholder.

Although I am sure he did not intend to call you evil, I can understand how a person might consider the insurance industry frustrating at best and evil at worst. A necessary evil, if you will.

If he's a very passionate person (not towards your daughter, necessarily, but about certain things in life), he may have been caught up in a moment and as you say over-stated his thoughts.

Rather than trying to tell him how to expand his vocabulary, which will only put you (and likely your daughter) on the defensive, maybe you could diplomatically tell him why your industry is not evil.

You will never change other people; the only person you can control and change is yourself.

Maybe if you change your tactics he'll be so stunned that he stops overstating, or maybe he'll even see your point of view. Or in the ideal world, you will reach a happy medium.

Rick's Former Stalkee

He dumped me so he must be evil. Just kidding! Ha! Ha!)

foolery said...

Rick's Cafe,

Evil is one of those overused words among people under 40 these days. Other words that can substitute for evil: random, ignorant, rude, wrong, and uncool. It all adds up to the same thing, usually, which is precisely ZERO.

If you are rudely provoked in your own home, keep your cool and let him paint himself into a corner. At 20 or so I doubt he's had much actual contact with any industry outside of school and fast food. How the hell would he know if ANY industry is evil?


Then sic your doggie on him.

MWAHHH! Boyfriend should be whimpering in the corner in no time. * s m i l e *

-- Laurie

Anonymous said...

Ugggg, typical woman....tooooo much talk involved.

I'm thinking next time boy comes by I'll 'forget' to put Louie on his leash and see what happens :)

Daughter does have a brain (even if she's a 'blond') and has noticed that dog and boy don't get along. Just wondering how long she'll continue to waste her time.

....maybe I'll 'happen' to be cleaning my guns before the next date. ohhhh, I like that:))

Rick's Cafe

foolery said...

Cleaning gun = good.

Blonde jokes = bad (to natural blondes, and I am actually a natural blonde. It's just darkened up lately.) ; )

And who said anything about talking?! Usually letting someone paint himself into a corner is all about LETTING HIM TALK! You just listen. Take it from a true Bartenderface. ; )

Humph harumph.

-- Laurie

Tarvok said...

To the list of hyperbolized words, add "awesome."

Guy1: Man, I tell you, it was awesome!
Guy2: Like a cheeseburger? I had a pretty awesome cheeseburger the other day.
Guy1: No, like a *thing that inspires awe*!
Guy2: Okay, so like a *really good* cheeseburger. :p

Anonymous said...

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